Now I have successfully netjacked from a windows xp and linux virtual box guest, out to OSX Still “waiting for a master” On 18 Oct , at Free forum by Nabble. Also bandwidth meter shows that it’s uploading. Ack, wish you’d come along sooner, my setup is quite different now with my speakers connected to the windows machine instead

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The Jack v 1. Set the Driver top right to portaudio, Interface to default, and select your soundcard in the Output Device. Post too a guest Name. Jack seems to be running, and at that point, the jack audio “soundcard” should be available to programs.

Maybe a Win7 issue Search everywhere only in this topic.

Should I test some ports or put in explicit IP address for the master? I launch the Jack NetDriver item in the start menu and it appears to run OK but doesn’t see the server on a mac – i get no outputs in qjackctl’s connections window.

Cestarian 1, 1 13 I think the simplest way is if you could tell me a concrete example of how to connect some two basic open source programs together.

Netjack client on windows

Does anyone know how to do this? And it’s weird, because I am using a non-privileged user in a Windows 7 64bits.

If you are working with bit applications then contact the Jack Developers list for more information. Email Required, but never shown.

Running Jack between Windows and Linux – Stack Overflow

Execute only jack control, and start jack from its “start” button. I tried Psycle’s latest stable and latest beta versions but JackRouter did not appear.

Apparently there is a system in place you could use called netjack jackaudio. If you have set to start jack automatically in the Misc tab of the settings dialog, it will start automatically My log shows this: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Now the question is, how to catch the stream with the receiving JACK? The message in Audition seems to indicate that it is not running.

JACK Audio Connection Kit|Using JACK on Windows

I did a small write-up of it here: I also tried running Jack 1. I need the windows one to be set up as a server for the linux client to connect to. It works but it’s not so nice. Native Jack applications can make use of the full power of the JACK audio and MIDI connection system for instance, they can open or close Jack connections from within the application, rather than having to set an ASIO driver to use use JackRouteralso, the use of natively provided Jack uxe provides the ability to sync audio nedriver between applications.


Also bandwidth meter shows that it’s uploading.

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Stream audio from Windows to Linux

If the applications that you want to connect don’t support ASIO, you are out of luck. Netjack client on windows.

I tried jackd -R -d netone but that crashes. I guess this probably should be done by reading the speaker output and writing it to a virtual recording device.

Win7 and all that stupid “are-you-sure” dialogs I tried time ago with jack 1. Only Jack Control and start.

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