Yeah, low profile cases makes it difficult. Elviathan Follow Forum Posts: The video worked perfect for the job. Will you let it die already GarGx1 Follow Forum Posts: How are you even running vista?

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The only good part of this system is the processor, but MB of ram? Elviathan Are you high?

GeForce SE nForce Can Run PC Game System Requirements

I have a slim computer case and put one of my spare mother boards in it, this board has the video card built in. Don’t even bother with the DX9 cards anymore. I just went the cheap route, bought him a Athlon x4 2.

Bring back the main forum list. Yeah, low profile cases makes it difficult.

If you want a card to play games at a decent frame rate then I’d cash in my money for a Geforce GTS. The phenom x3 or x4 is what I’m thinking, just to give her a little bump in performance. So if you want to play latest version of game you should upgrade your 3D card.


I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE…Is this any good for PC gaming?

GarGx1 Grwphics came here looking for stats on this chip set. My graphics card is a geforce SE, and i was just wondering will this support new games like Call Of Duty 4?

After getting all put back together and updated it was running great, but I think that has more to do with the Radeon that I put on it. My sons pc was the exact same specs, and it was a Compaq. Oldest thread i’ve ever seen on this forum i think. I have a low profile in my wifes Compaq media pc. Horgen Follow Forum Posts: The gts is pretty much a dx9 card, because it cannot do dx10 either even though it says it can.

Please Log In to post. UNless you meant MB.

Nope, that card is poo. I ended up getting a mini atx case for 20 bucks so I could fit one of my old video cards since it was originally in a low profile case.


Specs for the GeForce 6150SE

It’s on the front page. Arronaxxx Follow Forum Posts: Especially when there are dx9 cards that outperform it for the integratdd price, and ones that are cheaper. Hofflehoff Is that a Compaq? There was a recent post before before my post.

I have a NVIDIA GeForce SEIs this any good for PC gaming? – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

How are you even running vista? Help would be much appreciated: Well, its a double necro thread lol. That is exactly what we used inteegrated for before too, a media center. Hofflehoff What do you mean by 2 gigs of memory?

This topic is locked from further discussion. This is what I have. You can grab an gt or xton newegg.

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