In testing, the 3 hybrid had carry distances closer to a 5 wood than a 3 iron. The AeroBurner hybrids are not adjustable, but they are available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. We all love stomping on a shot that ends up flying further than we expect, but the majority of golfers, myself included, prefer reliability and consistency to the rare bomb. Need more fade bias? Golfers swap out long irons for hybrids when they lose confidence in the blades. The Adams engineers have found that it is the sole slot that has the most affect on ball speeds. As long as you can make semi-solid contact, the results are acceptable.

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Since the acquisition, Adams has continued to distinguish itself with its hybrid production. The size of the hybrid supeer standard with most of the other hybrids that you can find on the market.

Adams Super S and LS Hybrids: Editor review – GolfWRX

They also have a 2-degree flatter lie angle and a 1-degree more upright face angle that will please golfers who have struggled with the hybrid hooks in the past. Adams claims that this new sole slot has increased the CT in the Super LS hybrid towhich is very near the limit, shper this provides a very hot clubface for higher ball speeds and increased distance.

The headcover is a bit of a throwback in its design. The combination of the two colours works to offer two key benefits: Just as I saw with the fairway woodsthe launch angle, distance and peak height of both clubs appeared to be slightly higher than my sl gamer.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver – Golfalot

Both are excellent clubs and worth an investigation; my suggestion is to hit the heck out of them until you determine which you prefer. A TaylorMade R15 hybrid 19 degrees. Like the driver and fairway woodsthe AeroBurner offers no adjustability. Learn more about our Gear Trials: The top of the clubhead is mostly done in white, but the toe of the club is painted in a slightly darker grey and across the back of the clubhead the words SUPER are done in this darker grey.


Those slots are deeper and thinner in the Super S and LS hybrids than in previous models, which Adams says creates less deflection meaning less side spin and an increased launch angle meaning more height, quicker. Likewise, the sensation of a shot caught squarely is pleasant beyond words. This is rarely important to me, because my game and the touring pros are so far apart, but to some tour validation is important and the Super LS has that.

I thought when first getting to look at the club that the VST crown slot might bother me at address and after using it for a while now I am no longer of that opinion. In their advertising Adams claims that the Super LS is used not only by average golfers but also by golfer playing on Tour. Conclusion There was some concern, especially from this reviewer, that when TaylorMade purchased Adams the quality and innovation might be seriously reduced. Also on the top of the clubhead is the top VST slot which runs along the majority of the top of the clubhead.

The centre of gravity on the Super LS driver is lower and further back in the head, producing a driver that promotes very low spin, the lowest of any driver Adams has made to date. Its wide-ranging adjustability is a great tool adamms have if you need to fill a specific yardage gap in your bag. From the fairway the club was extremely easy to hit, certainly one of the top performers I that I have tried. We have the supeer GPSadamx swing video, golf instructiongolf teesgolf simulatorsgolf storegolf shopand most products that are golf related.


The shot shape bias was neutral to a slight draw, which is what I was expecting. The R15 produced 1 mph more ball speed and 1 more yard of carry on average over the AeroBurner, with slightly more spin and a slightly lower launch. The LS is also 0. Pros like easy to hit stuff, you’ll like it too. Re-Designed Crown Slot A redesigned crown slot that is deeper, longer and thinner provides for improved ps.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. As long as you can make semi-solid contact, the results are acceptable. The feature most associated with Adams fairway and hybrid clubs are the slots on the crown and sole of the clubs. Join me as I take this hybrid through its paces. This equates to an incredibly hot face for higher ball speeds and more distance.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver

The AeroBurner hybrids are not adjustable, but they are available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. Which for those of us who have liked the Adams clubs is great news. Who are they for: For the higher handicap golfers they may prefer the Super S hybrid which is designed skper help the golfer get the ball airborne easier.