The smaller the lithographic technology used, the less power is required to run the CPU, and the less heat is created during intense use. The bigger the L1 cache, the more data can be stored for lightning CPU access to priority processes though a bigger cache means a higher latency. AMD Dedicated Multi-Cache Each core has its own dedicated L2 cache, which enables simultaneous independent core access to L2 cache, eliminating the need for cores to arbitrate for cache access. What this means is the X2 e will consume slightly less power and consequently produce less heat, enabling more prolonged computational tasks with fewer adverse effects. Bear in mind, then, that while the X2 has a 0. There are two Athlon II dies:

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AMD Athlon II X2 e Benchmarks – Geekbench Browser

The lower the TDP, the less power the CPU requires to run and thus the more efficient it is and the less heat it creates. This is the so-called unlocked version of the Sempron LE- Doubles processor bandwidth from to a full Bit Floating-Point math processing pipeline that can double many of the bandwidth paths that help keep it full. Up to eight different performance states help enhance power efficiency.

Cores 2 More cores means more threads and therefore more processes can be run simultaneously Speed 2. The three core Rana is derived from the Propus quad-core design, with one core disabled.

As such, we need to look elsewhere for more reliable comparisons. Bear in mind, then, that while the X2 has a 0.


Faster than RAM, the more cache available, the more data that can be stored for lightning-fast retrieval. This also means it will be less likely to bottleneck more powerful GPUs, allowing them to achieve more of their gaming performance potential. The extensive AMD64 architectural optimizations and features enable thorough integration of multiple cores within the same processor, with each core having its own L1 and L2 caches.

Performance Enhancements AMD Direct Connect Architecture An award-winning technology designed to reduce bottlenecks that can exist when multiple components compete for access to the processor bus.

Can I Run It. For both the lithography and the TDP, it is the lower the better, because a lower number means a lower amount of power is necessary to run the CPU, and consequently a lower amount of heat is produced.

The more recent the release, the more likely the CPU will z2 up-to-date manufacturer support. Regor is a native dual-core design with lower TDP and additional L2 to offset the removal of L3 cache.

CPU-Z Benchmark for AMD Athlon II X2 e (2T) – CPU-Z VALIDATOR

Don’t know Yes No. The X2 e and X2 are not from the same family of CPUs, so their clock speeds are by no means directly comparable. An award-winning technology designed to reduce bottlenecks that can exist when multiple components compete for access to the processor bus.

Future Proof My PC. Global Game Awards Integrated Dual-Channel Memory Controller Directly connects the processor to memory for optimum performance, low latency, and high throughput. Eliminate the FSB, and you can reduce delays that competing access requests can cause. This helps reduce latency on L2 cache accesses.


Multi-Point Thermal Control The next-generation design features multiple on-die thermal sensors with digital interface. This processor tahlon be dwarfed in performance by its modern counterparts, and will likely have very little support from AMD. This will lower your yearly electricity bill slightly, as well as prevent you from having to invest in extra cooling mechanisms unless you overclock.

AMD Athlon™ II Processors

The CPU is now over 9 years oldwhich means it is extremely out of date and is based on very aged technologies. Best Compatible Hardware by Price. However, unlike its Phenom siblings, it does not contain any L3 Cache.

They even have the same L1 cache size, so are identical in terms of cache size. The processor can efficiently respond to user demands, maximizing performance to deliver a superior PC user experience. Bear in mind that although it is better to have a larger cache, the larger it x22, the higher the latency, so a balance has to be struck. Model Number Comparison ContentMain5.

Standard there are a disabled and an enabled core.