However, there is no guarantee of functionality in an unsupported configuration. If your PostgreSQL database cluster is listening on a port other than the default , include the port number in the instance. Contact our Support Team. However, if you do this, you will be prompted to provide a user name and password every time you connect. The database name is required when connecting to SQL Database. If your SQL Database instance name is cloudy4u.

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If you are using a default SQL Server instance, you can specify the instance name or the IP address of the server in the Arrcgis text box. See About registering your data with ArcGIS Server for information on registration options and links to topics with instructions for registering your database.

Backward compatibility between Access and Access Please provide as much detail as possible. In this case, skip to Step 4. If using ArcGIS This driver is required for connections to SQL Server Database platform and properties Authentication type.


Click the Test Connection button. Content feedback is currently offline for maintenance.

Also note that if your Oracle instance is not listening on the default Oracle arfgis number, you must use connection syntax that includes the port number. When you connect to PostgreSQL, you must specify an instance and database. If specifying an IPV6 address, enclose the address in brackets. Translation Feedback How can we make this translation better? If your SQL Database instance name is cloudy4u.

Provide this information in the following format:.

ArcGIS Desktop is a bit application. If you run the bit installation on a bit operating system, it will fail.

Problem: Connections from ArcGIS or ArcGIS Pro to SQL Server or R2 fail

For example, if your Netezza data warehouse appliance is on server ndwa, communicating through portand the database name is spatial, the connection string would be as follows:. Microsoft attempts to make its client drivers backward compatible to older releases. Specify the information appropriate for your site.

For example, for a server with an IPV6 address of Content feedback is currently offline for maintenance. A message appears stating whether or not the test connection was successful.


Database connections in ArcGIS for Desktop

In this example, Oracle is installed on myserver, is listening on portand myoservice is the Oracle service name. For IPV6 addresses, place brackets around the address. Failed to connect to specified DBMS instance.

Some database management systems do not support operating system authentication.

For example, if arcgs address of the server is Kdbc default, SQL Server instances are not configured to allow connections from other computers. However, Microsoft client drivers are not forward compatible. The database is the name of the specific database on the PostgreSQL database cluster to which you want to connect.

If on a bit machine, go to C: How can we improve? This type of connection string is called a DSNless connection.