Capable of transmitting a full p wireless signal up to 30 feet, the AT-AiR3 is ideal for viewing streaming media content from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and other popular sites. I did not have the dongle in during any part of the install, only after all the software was in and the second restart did I put it in. All times are GMT. All other trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Since buying it, I see they’ve removed the “compatible with a Mac” from the product description. At this time there are known driver issues with certain Mac products. This site requires Javascript.

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All other trade names and trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners. All other trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

I tired the warpia driver on my atlona hd-air and it worked. With 2 USB ports, a 3. All times are GMT. More information about Atlona Technologies is available at www. Originally Posted by GenerationX. Wed Nov 10 So much digital content is available online such as video, books, music atloha more, home users are doing more and more with their computers.

Return Address 4 potential args on stack 0xc3b The peripherals can work in a 30 foot range of the PC for web surfing, video viewing or business tasks. Please check the list below before purchasing 13″ MacBook early through late — aluminum late 13″ MacBook Air latemav 13″ MacBook Pro mid 15″ MacBook Pro latemid 17″ MacBook Pro early through mid 20″ iMac early through mid 24″ iMac early Tech support claimed that their software partner s are working on an updated driver version, but could not confirm whether at-aair3 issue was with the DisplayLink driver or with the Wireless USB WUSB, wisair software, and did not have an ETA for a fix.


As others have confirmed, there is no compatibility issue with the DL drivers and The lack of cables allows instructors the mobility needed to move a-tair3 the class room, while maintaining connection to their display.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. With embedded DisplayLink virtual graphics, this simple plug-and-play solution can display computer content and media at resolutions up to or x pixels on any HDTV.

I bought the same atlona device for my projector, becuase it was supposed to work with Mac os. Find More Posts by Ben. You can download this driver from here http: Find More Posts by GenerationX.

Atlona AT-AiR3 PC to HDTV, Projector or Monitor Wireless AT-AIR3

Hi Ben, I was thrilled at-aur3 hear that you had a driver update as I am on DisplayLink is a trademark of DisplayLink Corp. Each presenter can connect the small USB dongle to their laptop to and see their presentation in seconds on a shared screen for everyone to see.


It is well-suited to business presentations and home theater settings.

By all indications, it looks like Displaylink won’t have an updated driver for quite some time. Working driver from Warpia. Working driver from Warpia I bought the same atlona device for my projector, becuase it was supposed to work with Mac os.

If you are an editor and wish to review DisplayLink enabled products, please e-mail us so we can get in touch with you. Each of these three Atlona products, with DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology, provides a unique way to extend notebook content from Intel-based Mac or Windows PCs to a variety of displays for more business and entertainment versatility.

Wireless products

No success with new driver. I had the thought, since you mentioned that all the devices are based on the same chipsets. Why not try another companies drivers.

Capable of Mirroring or Extending Display, allows to fully copy whatever you see on your laptop or desktop on a big screen HDTV or a Projector Standard and wide-screen aspect ratios 4: Hey guys, We just came up with the latest driver last week which supports Apple’s latest OS,