I love my music. Email has been sent successfully. I know the Audiobahn can’t handle bass all that well. The time now is All times are GMT

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Especially since music rarely goes below 40 hz.

Best amp for linear compression Audiobahn subs

Audiobahn still sucks, especially when comparing the subs to other subs in the same catagory. Originally Posted by Blastbox.

I looked around and all that one can find here in the Charlotte area are junk like Q-sound, Pyramid, Audiopipe, etc. There’s another one, Audiobahn and supurb sound don’t belong in the llnear sentence either. Any model, doesn’t matter. What is Dimensional Weight?

Anyone in the Charlotte area sell those? Can’t image how a Brahma would ; There’s another one, Audiobahn and supurb sound don’t belong in the same sentence either.

Audiobahn AWT12X Linear Compression Subwoofer – – THE VW Polo Forum

This particular lucky car will hold the ultimate Subwoofer for over miles around! And he holds the Meca record. Questions There are currently no questions about this listing.


I have a 12 in a 1cu ft sealed box that hit nice and hard, just can’t fit it in the truck. Everyone has thier own point of view. Sound quality is how close to the origional recording the speaker can reproduce the note.

Damn right you haven’t, you can’t keep your eyes from shaking enough to focus. But in my Ranger there is just no room.

Best amp for linear compression Audiobahn subs –

You may be able to find something like an Infinity Kappa for that price as well. Thats my 2 cents. Audiobahn box By mkerv in forum Car Audio. Have a ckmpression about this item?

I’d never go with anything except the eternals or the immortals though From time to time, and at its sole discretion, PropertyRoom. A stroker will kill a brahma at 60 hz, but 30 hz a brahma will break stuff compared to a stroker, you know? No offense man, but you need to listen to some real subs I gurantee I could make those 12s louder.


Results 1 to 23 of 23 Thread: A high BL combined with a high efficiency is a lethal combination for SPL, why do cmpression think a 30 year old design is still winning? Not saying any of the others are bad, but ya know.

Memphis I am helping my girlfriend build a stereo system for her car and I wanted to know who would give you more bang for your buck. You do have a good point there.

Sure, Audiobahn gets loud, but it also sounds like an elephant raping a lawyer. You sure, it’d be pretty close, but I think the Brahma would take it. You may have to register before you can post: Sign in now to continue.