So if you are primarily using this tablet for business or multimedia use, it will do just fine. One minor gripe is that the Power Switch becomes inaccessible once the unit is folded over. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. We will discuss more on that later in the review. Handwriting recognition, digital ink technology, voice dictation and voice command are built into the operating system. In all fairness, running this game on just about any notebook with the exception of the Dell XPS notebook or one of the incredibly powerful gaming machines from Voodoo and Alienware is going to bring the machine to its knees.

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This is a German-built low-power chip designed for use in thin and light notebooks. Although the game did actually run on the C, as expected it was painfully sluggish, the graphics appeared dark and textures were poorly rendered.

Averatec averaec really helped change the notebook market with their extremely low prices.

In testing this machine, I have used it in several real world situations, one being a 40 minute PowerPoint presentation. The speed feels pretty zippy running most everyday tasks including accessing web sites, working on documents including PDFand playing movies and music.

Averatec C3500 Series Power Button Audio Jack USB Port Board 50-70912-04

There is a monitor connection port to run an external monitor or projector. This is an attractive machine that looks anything but cheap. Fact is that ever since the incomparable BOE Hydis display with its near degree viewing angles in both directions became available, every other screen feels inadequate. The graphics chipset used in this tablet is the SiSM We will discuss more on that later in the review.


I was able to successfully run Quake III and Soldier of Fortuneboth slightly older games but nevertheless fairly demanding on video resources. Microsoft Journal for word processing and support for ink notes and drawings. Apparently the standards have been relaxed a bit. Additionally, the touchpad offers both built-in vertical and horizontal scrolling functionality; a feature that is not commonly found on the majority of notebooks.

: Averatec C Audio/USB Board/Power Button Board Computers & Accessories

The screen won’t disappear or black out when you view it at an off angle. After all, once a technology matures anyone can, within the boundaries of patent law, build and sell a device that initially originated from the big name brands. That, however, is only good enough for “up to three hours,” and in our experience less.

Hard drive performance is speedy and quiet. The Screen swivels on a sturdy hinge keeping the display firm at any angle. But just in case that you haven’t heard about it, what is the Averatec C?

The Edition also adds the ability to download windows updates from MS, but delay their installation until shutdown so that you don’t have to reboot your computer for updates. If you are looking for excellent quality in a Convertible Tablet PC without emptying your savings account, the Averatec C should be at the top of your list.


The lcd on this model is analogous to the Sony UltraBrite technology — offering audoi bright, clear view with the added bonus of extended viewing angles.

Visit our network of sites: We did, however, notice averafec the Averatec ran quite hot despite its large fan and heat exchanger. The size is a modest The once mandatory alt-ctl-del button is missing. In other words, it is possible that certain applications outside of Microsoft Ink enabled apps.

For shoppers on tight budget and students who want to get into XP Tablets, the Averatec offers the lowest price. Amazon Drive Cloud aaveratec from Amazon.

A word to the wise; be sure to save your work before hibernating or walking away from the machine for more than a few minutes. For that we’re willing to forgive the keyboard and heat dissipation.

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Writing on the screen with the included EMD Stylus pen feels very smooth. One minor gripe is that the Power Switch becomes inaccessible once the unit is folded over. Absent is Bluetooth technology, but what the heck do you want at this outstanding price point?!!