Message 2 of 10 5, Views. Once you have tested all your memory in this way and if each one passes the test then you have eliminated memory as an issue and must then test out the DIMM slots on your motherboard. If bit operating system, download the x86 file, and if bit download the x64 file. Although a clunky fix, it lets me play. DIMM slot 4 on my motherboard was broken. ToveriJuri ToveriJuri 10 years ago 10 No usually you can still use the gaming pad and such but not the macro keys or anything special like that.

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Make a backup of the following file by renaming the file adding. If you suspect that corrupt install files may be the cause: Once you have tested progdam your memory in this way and if each one passes the test then you have eliminated memory as an issue and must then test out the DIMM slots on your motherboard. Had the same thing to happen to me yesterday. Download pbsetup this is separate from pbsvc, it’s a tool that automatically updates your Punkbuster BF2 file. View Redamare’s IP Address.


Tapped Out The Simpsons: Is there a way to send that info before spawning? Disalloowed Edward’s IP Address. Originally Posted by ApaD. I am so serious,Imperious,Need I demand your attention.

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Also I’m running the game through origin only so the overlay couldn’t be part of the problem; could it? Take out all your memory and then use the compressed air to blow out the DIMM slots. Could also be some other program that is running “on top” of Battlefield.

Last edited by Redamare; at Ray AdamsMay 9, Zapraszamy na 64 slotowy, polski serwer rankingowy BF4: Check to make certain you have installed and are running PR correctly.

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You should know by then which slot is broken and plan accordingly. January Try this.

Slots 2 and 4 the broken one are not used. When is PB sending the clientinfo or when I am “checked” by the server if my PB is running correctly?

Problems with Punkbuster? Solutions here. – Project Reality Forums

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 – i5 k 4. Find More Posts by HunterMed.


I got all excited when I saw you post, and got on real quick to see if you were on. Run pbsvc again and Re-Install all Punkbuster Serivces, pay attention to any messages that come up during the installation.

Punk Buster kicks ATT w/restriction disallowed program driver 128017

To find out which memory stick is bad or if a DIMM slot on your motherboard is bad you will have to do a punkbustef things. Try to run the game again and see if you get any errors.

Message 8 of 10 3, Views. You must read the documentation on your motherboard to know which ones are dual channel.

Make sure you allow new punkbustee shortcut during installation. Do you already have an account? To do this fix do the following: Even playing with firewall and all antivirus off doesn’t help.