I sprayed it all over with a variety of shafts. I dont like it. By The Numbers 7hr ago Future of golf: Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Among the top-rated models in the test. It was half the size of the R11, and that was after throwing out the errant single shots.

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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This information, which we also collected from our performance testers, is used as the foundation for our total subjective score. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

I am pretty consistant in my swing. The fibers melt in the heat and pressure of the tool hxwk ooze into the exact shape Callaway desires. Forged Composite was used in the crown of the Diablo Octane, but it’s used to make the crown and body of the RAZR Hawk drivers, callaway none of the material is visible at address. I dont like it.

My belief is that we may well never see a score above 90 for any club although we have one in testing now that has an outside chance of getting therebut the fact that the Callaway RAZR Hawk was able to entice our testers to circle 10 once, and 9 several more times, tells me that a lot of guys are walking a way very impressed with this driver. My drivers for the last year have been an ft9 ta 9.


Oh boy…first, this club is very forgiving. I basically was able to take the best features of my old drivers and get them into this razr. Long story short, I love this club and will probably be dedicated to Callaway for their great customer service and the great club. So let me get this straight forgive the unintentional punthe longest club is also the straightest? My previous experiences with LM’s is that some of them seemed to be sort of suspect.

The first ball that I hit with it was high up on the face of the driver at no time did the ball contact the top paint on the driver causing the paint to chip from the top of the driver.

When it comes to tee shots, golfers tend to fall into one of two categories: Are you a PGA Pro? I am positive this driver will be a huge hit for Callaway based on my test. Has anyone else had the hawj chip?

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS 9. Amateur isuse ago What is the average cost of a round of golf?

Tour Issue Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour 8.5 Degree Driver Stiff Graphite 0602932

This raazr be as close as our testers have every come to matching up their opinions with the data. Quick Shots 7hr ago How many miles do pro golfers travel each year?


Posted 29 July – Also, this is isske first Cally I’ve ever liked, and I love it. My thought is that the top edge of the driver and 3-wood hit the ball approximately at the middle. Now don’t get me wrong I love the club 9.

Have you had your eyes checked? Overall, the numbers worked out to almost exactly to what I think they should have. I actually made one very dull sounding for a guy and he loved it.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour Driver

After I thought about it I worried just a little bit that maybe Callaway changing the composite and the head being a touch larger would change the sound and feel. Anyone hit both on the course and which they would reccommend?? My gamers currently are shafted with Ozik tp6hd so Tout first tried the driver with a tp6hd with exact specs of my drivers. Now down to the important stuff and the end of all when toue hunting.

Pleasing head shape with black coloring; shaft has red arrow alignment aid. Testers praise directional consistency on mis-hits all over the face; minimal distance loss on heel and toe shots.