Flashware overcomes the problem of homologation for software based modems running on the host processor “pumpless” modems. Hardware is below port driver. Then, the driver programs its device for the DMA operation and returns. The following items are represented in the diagram:. The message contains pDSPData which is a pointer to the object that the message corresponds to. The 2 types of possible errors are:.

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The bootload process for the C54x resembles the process for the C5x with one exception.

In multimedia data the first byte may be anywhere in the Dword i. The amount of local VSP SRAM memory needed to run a whole application is about half a megabit, and in many cases ppci less especially when only granules software objects of the application are run on the VSP. The voice codec interrupt is set on the basis of the change on the pong buffer data valid bit. Other tasks are inserted in the task list and removed from the task list as required.

Cyberstation 54m wireless pci adapter driver

The DSP message handler task which has been pending on the semaphore will become active when no other higher priority tasks are active. The signaling mechanism is complete by processing the Event in which the SignalObject semaphore is called to signal a WaitForSignalObject semaphore which suspends the host granule thread.

Voice codec interface fills pong data buffer, once buffer is full, the voice codec interface sets the pong valid bit.

The linked code contains load, run, and size addresses necessary for the VSP to bus master the code to VSP memory when needed. A frame buffer is provided external to the wrapper either separate pcu or unified with host system memory. VSP MIPs loading for each load balancing option is suitably pre-determined and kept in option look-up table.


The granularity bits determine the size of the DMA bursts to make efficient use of time.

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The DMA complete bit signals adaptter C5x that it can safely attempt an off-chip operation without waiting for access to the external bus.

This parameter provides the physical address of the event table. After the state machine completes the read of the configuration data, the state machine reads a checksum byte.

The abort bit input to the PCI macro will not be used. The error bits are read only. It is desirable, although not necessary that interrupt service routines ISRs execute for short limited durations so that one ISR will not be required to preempt another ISR. The DSP message handler processes the message by accessing the object’s function table via pFuncTable. The dwHalData parameter is used during messages to the host concerning this object. The joystick interface provides for two joysticks.

An offset is supplied for the first page. The timing of a PCI bus slave transaction and the pulses created to enable clocking data into a C5x synchronous register are shown in FIG.

Before the DSP is called to process the object, a ping first page list and pong second page list are initialized by providing an additional page list in FIG. An alternative implementation of the above software architecture is shown in FIG.


Since device emulation code is mutually exclusive or non-concurrent with the execution of application or operating system code, host emulation forces downward adaptfr of all other active applications or functions.

Structures for the buffer in conventional VSP memory along with data space for the buffer data are allocated at that time. Software for computers and the processes and concepts for developing and understanding both hardware and software have spawned an intricate terminology.

A adaptre which uses the host exclusively for emulation is not balanced. The stereo codec is first priority since it operates at up to a An important difference is task allocation based on fine granularity. Each of the buffers takes the form of a cyberstaion list containing pointers to the pages of memory allocated See FIG. Advantageously, because of the judicious use of the cyberststion of handles as well as semaphores and interrupt preemption in a cybrstation OS, no special synchronization flags are needed to resolve dependencies.

The VSP object is created in host memory containing the SrcBuffer struct which contains information about the source stream to be processed. The Windows OS software creates a separate software instantiation or abstraction of a complete system, or Virtual Machine VMfor each application running concurrently.