Then follow the usual. Only tried several configs before. Same problem here on Ubuntu After sending logs and outputs backwards and forwards, their conclusion is: Hey Black God, thanks for the tutorial this looks like a really fun project! The key steps were: You will now have a new folder called “eGalaxTouch32” Step 3 Preparation to run the installer Inside of the folder “eGalaxTouch32” you should find 4 files and 1 folder You will need the file called “setup.

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I can only describe the router, it’s Apple mac glossy white finish with rounded corners, and a single ariel, all the lights are very small and green when fully syncronised, there located on the top, and to the corner of the router, diagonally oposite to the ariel. D-waav looses connection in a minute it connected to network.

eGalax touchscreen – Raspberry Pi Forums

I also plan to do precise calibration, but later. UOneChancellor random-system on My way to calibration is demonstrated in video https: I can confirm this used to work and have a nice callibration scienhific back in Ubuntu 8.

Install that and reboot.

Seems the answer is in here: I tried to install the driver that touchsdreen on the CD and followed many instructions posted around the web but the only thing it does is to simulate right click on the upper left corner of the screen and nothing else. So I guess there is not much hope in it getting an update so the calibration method works.


We are currently planning our business expansion and since touchcreen is well with Odroid and Faytech, this would be our prefered hardware of choice, but of course we now need to move to C2 Odroids and that is our problem. I After booting, type “TouchKit” to do sccientific. Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee on Here is what you have to do to get your eGalax Working: Please let me know, thanks den. UOneChancellor random-system wrote on Hopefully the information will be useful to the reporter or someone else.

How to get eGalax TouchScreen film (0eef:0001) working in Linux for Raspberry Pi

Thank you very much. Hope something here might be of help regards. Thank you for the post!

I ended up tweaking them manually in the. ISO CD images are available from http: Freshly nstalled raspbian 3. I would also mention that my Q1 Ultra has been fitted with the maximum memory modules allowed in it, and that i did have BIO’s updates installed via the Samsung Update Plus software when it was running Windows XP, i ran the Samsung Update check on a regular basis, i’ve only been running Ubuntu Netbook Edition It took running the eGalaxTouch tool as root for it to work correctly.

To post a comment you must log in. Is there any way to remove that? The whole thing where everyone says the cursor jumps to the top-left of the screen. Thanks in advance, Enoch.


How to get eGalax TouchScreen film (0eef) working in Linux for Raspberry Pi – Black God

After you load the evtouch driver, Ubuntu will find the touch device using the evtouch driver but then the evdev driver apparently wrestles control of the touchscreen away from the evtouch driver. This is a real eye opener if you haven’t seen the evtest program run.

Tried every hint I found via searchengine bug reports on this, threads, even a newly developed driver to get the touchscreen working with evdev read somwhere this should be more responsive and with much less wakeups than original eGalax drivernothing works: Does your’s work properly? Once the wizard is done, a piece of configuration is shown on terminal, use that configuration snippet in xorg.

What i would mention is, that while i was using the Q1 Ultra via it Wireless connection, i found it was slightly slower, as if running the Wireless adapter with a connection running through it was using more memory, even though i always have the wireless adapter turned on, though i don’t have a router to use on it.

I hope you can help find a solution and for that I invite you to pour some beer for free when you’re next in Munich