See the Linux UVC wiki for a workaround. Cam Video IM Pro model name. It may well be necessary to update to the latest version to get your hardware to work, in particular Skype will only work properly if you have uvc version or above, earlier driver versions freeze up after a minute or so with some cameras. Other UVC compliant video input devices are very likely to be supported. You can find out which version of Linux kernel you have by issuing the command:

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This can sometime lead to the camera failing to be recognized by the kernel. Checkout from SVN this source is deprecated This section describes the steps to download the sources which are now deprecated from the Subversion repository. There are tshirts, hoodies, and kids sizes. To compile the drivers, run make then, to install the compiled drivers to the appropriate module directories, run sudo make install followed by sudo depmod -a After that you should not even need to plug your webcam in, although ensure you can see it by running: Only source code is available.

Linux UVC driver and tools

Page History Login to edit. The following rule works with any Logitech camera: Limitations Some controls are missing, though the most common ones focus, exposure and others are supported. Applications that use the libv4l library should display the video correctly, as libv4l detects upside-down cameras and rotates the image automatically. See below for other versions. Standard V4L2 applications do not need to be upgraded.


The repository archive can be downloaded here. Instructions to install the latest uvcdynctrl tool are available from the QuickCam Team website. It gets access to the USB device: Documentation generated on April 15, at Other UVC compliant video input devices are very likely to be supported.

For better performances, connect the camera to a USB 2. The table below lists known UVC devices. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

libuvc_camera – ROS Wiki

The goal uc this project is to provide all necessary software components to fully support UVC compliant devices in Linux.

As the issue is timing-related, the exact impact of the bug on a particular user can’t be predicted. If you are an end-user the easiest way to retrieve an up-to-date driver is to clone the media build git repository located at http: UVC compliant peripherals only need a generic driver; much like mass storage devices USB flash disks, External disc enclosures, etc.

There is a debian package located here but the best way at the moment is to grab the latest build from the LinuxTV uvcvideo development repository and compile it yourself. Only specific part numbers are affected. Instructions to build and debiann drivers from the linuxtv. The code includes support for older kernel versions, but might lag behind the uvcvideo git repository by a few days. Don’t forget to read the FAQ before sending an e-mail to the list.


UVC – Community Help Wiki

You need to subscribe to the list before posting. This include a V4L2 kernel device driver and patches for user-space tools.

To give only one user access: Button events are reported to userspace through a separate event device node, but require the video device node to be open. In that case unplug your camera and remove the old module with: This will only affect uncompressed formats, and even there there’s no guarantee of success.

Documentation generated on June 16, at Documentation generated on October 06, at On Linux, the snd-usb-audio and uvcvideo modules conflict with libuvc.