They sound perfect for my projector build and I’m going to need 12 of them. Shorting out pins to adjust current isn’t particularly optimal anyway. Groove V2 Low cost linear regulator driver. Joined Mar 7, Messages 1, Likes 64 Points 0. You can use the EzAudDac as a dev test.. This product is no longer in stock Availability date:

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If I do this change what about the rest of the projector hardware, any other change needed? Kenom Well-known member Apr 15, Hey DR lava, not sure if you got my previous PM’s I’ll probably buy a couple in the next few months.

Dr Lava Very cool drivers I’m going to get a few of these for sure I see you like my idea of putting epoxy on top of the coils to protect them, I have several drives coil’s that seemed to crumble while I was being very easy with them not to break the ferite bobbin and even more that came in for repair because the ferite bobbin was dammaged so I got tired of it and epoxied all of my V5 drives coils.

Hey dr, Do you have any idea when you might be getting the V5 flexdrives in? For the input leads there is a similar solution.


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When i say laser diode driver, I mean a circuit board that lwser current to the laser diode. If you need a driver, would recommend building one of the many open source drivers available. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Micro Boost drive is a boost-only version of the FlexDrive using a different circuit.

Micro Flexdrive V5

Please let me know if you can supply them soon as I really need them. Feel free to send me a PM if you have questions. This has really been inexcusable, I remember when chuck maxyz modules started getting slack and eventually took off with some people’s money If you would if you have someplease send me a paypal invoice for a V5 micro drive to: Joined Mar 29, Messages 16, Likes Points 0. I’m liking the boosting capabilities these are boasting Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

I myself just asked if the LSX software is active or abandoned as I am waiting for a key after a rebuild.

You extend the lower range with this pot a little bit so you can go to lower currents and the range of the pot is biggerbut this shouldn’t matter. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.


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Schematics of Micro Flex Drive V5 / Replacement for pot / trimmer | Laser Pointers

As I remember, there was one with TTL input. March 08, September 02, You will notice a red arrow on the top right side of my picture. These are for temperature sensors, a tec cooler and the laser diode.

Joined Mar 7, Messages 1, Likes 64 Points 0. Joined Aug 25, Messages 2, Likes Points 0. Im a begginer in Laser world, not too much time here in the forum but I have made some improvements with the help of everyone here. December 16, You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Hey guys, I’d like to let you know that lasercam now supports the Kinect 3D camera for use in getting live figure shapes without needing a contrasting background or clothing.