You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Find More Posts by Player Lin. I’ve read somewhere that using the EDuke engine available free here http: Screen border in menu Turrican. OpenGL problem Try the -forcegl command. Eduke32 will probably also be fully openGL based..

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This truly is RPG art. Failure setting video mode xx32 windowed! This version only fixes some bugs for stability and comfort.

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All times are GMT Friends list is currently empty. Learn from some top world players of Duke 3D death matches. He’s refering to eduke They will get Duke’s full size back immediately. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

Eduke32 will probably also be fully openGL based. Sign in Create account Sign in. Below are the main ports you may like depending on what you are looking for.


OpenGL problem I unspported the same problem but i canupdate mydrivers: Out Of Synch in demos. Test them both, use the one you like: I map the medkit on digital axis or keys I use all the time. Otherwise, you will trap yourself more than trapping the opponent. Admin privilege required to install and updates.

Find More Posts by Player Lin. It’s useless to run xDuke in your maximum resolution, like x Here is what I suggest you to do: OpenGL problem Check here: I know how to kill someone hiding in a mirror This will improve your aiming accuracy. Misc Stuffs [text unsupoorted May ]. Various bugs in the load game single player option if ESC is hit duks if wrong version. The difference between the folders is that one has duke3d.

At best, you stay alive and the opponent kills himself only, removing 1 frag. Please see the tutorial below about screen resolution to understand the new choices about the screen resolution list.



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I have the same problem: Toggle autoaim between Normal full and partial on bullet weapons only. Create a shortcut and put it at the end of the target, like this: The source code of the previous version is below. Just Google the port names to find hukem latest link on the internet: Posted March 04, It was the 1 st available port for netgames and the author of the current best netcode.