July 05, , We are selling these at a super low price because they need a little cosmetic love and a few h Originally the off white color but were recently painted satin black. I wish we would’ve done this months ago. Used pair of EAW 18 inch subs.

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The subs sound great and do fairly well in most circumstances, but Repllacement trying to determine what to do in the event of the unthinkable damaged driver The SBC is a high output, extended bandw Plus 6 x EAW Sb zr subs.

This is the touring version with handles, corner protectors and dual NL4 input.

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Logged Steve Litscher Sr. After a simple soldering the lead wire came off everything went back to normal.

I’ve dug around on Parts Express, scoured Craigslist and eBay, and am struggling to find a suitable replacement driver. July 05, Please login or register.

They all will do the job. I spent a little more time on the 18S site, and the 18LW looks like a near perfect match. Special effects will have daw clarity, greater power and greater impact.


The SB products are EAW’s premium subwoofers designed for the most demanding professional applications. I wish we would’ve done this months ago.

EAW LC1816 SB1000 Recone Kit

July 06, Browse Related Browse Related. There are no known issues with these speakers.

The enclosure was dirty and a little beat up the coating of the box, not the box itself so it was given a quick sanding and given 2 coats of Lev Raber on July 05, A dedicated subwoofer system with an in transducer in a vented trapezoidal enclosure.

I wanted to make sure the driver is compatible with the vented enclosure; I’d like to maintain the musical quality and FQ-response while avoiding potential damage to the driver.

Four ground-stacked subs, powered by two bridged PLXs and they hit hard and clean. Remain in excellent like new condition.

Replacement Sub for EAW SBr / RCF-L18PN?

We are selling these at a super low price because they need a little cosmetic faw and a few h Original drivers never driven into clip. Any suggestions or recommendations? We used black rubber washers, stacked behind the grille mounting screws to space the grille sb0100 just a bit.


Stephen Kirby on July 06, Don’t be fooled by the seemingly too cheap used subs on the market. Sold in pairs with factory EAW wheel boards. Used pair of EAW 18 inch subs. This is the touring version that is flyable, has handles and NL4 speakon input. I won this in an auction zb1000 its history is unknown to me. The cone and surrounds are fine – I’m wondering if there may be a VC issue ugh. We purchased all of the cabinets used, and one of them seems to be less tolerant of SPL than the others.