However, a record device is monophonic. And a heap of inputs and outputs allow connecting the Extigy to almost all existent sound devices. Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. For our testing we used an average-level desktop system: The company spends much time on design of its products, and the today’s Extigy is a more elegant solution than even the Audigy Platinum eX. Nothing more is needed for multimedia and games because quality of original samples will be determining. In the Windows ME the tested sample worked worse.

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Just exhigy the disc into the drive and it will take just a couple of seconds for the auto scanning to group all available media files into folders according to extensions and names. The device connects a computer only via estigy USB cable, that is why it will be useful for owners of notebooks or other computers who do not want or can’t install sound cards into their PCs. Very good in detail In this mode the Creative products are traditionally strong.

Creative Labs External Sound Blaster Extigy Sb0130

Besides, there is a hardware DolbyDigital decoder which can work independently. The nonlinear ones are now 0.

That is why quality of a front channel is traditionally lower than of a rear one. The sound was clear and distortionless. The hardware decoder must be using a compressor because the sound it produces is too loud and clear.


If an earlier PlayCenter v1. Good in detail All results are rather good except the IMD, although all measurements were made in the In order to utilise the additional features in this driver revision, it will be necessary to install the firmware update V1.

You have connected Sound Blaster Extigy to your computer. Nothing more is needed sxtigy multimedia and games because quality of original samples will be determining. While the upgrade is installing, do not: The available download s for Extigy is listed below. Sound Blaster Extigy Tour is a dynamic presentation which explains all advantages of the Extigy. Conclusion Our tests show that the Extigy can’t replace completely extgiy modern sound card such as Audigy, but it successfully competes against the Audigy in sound quality and friendliness.

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According to Creative, by the time of wide popularization of the USB 2. Here are some other programs which haven’t changed since the SB Live! The spectrograms prove it. As compared to the Audigy, intermodulation distortions have fallen edtigy 1. For a complete listing of downloads, you can manually search our database.

Speaker configuration setting is saved after the restart.

The specification gives quite good parameters, much better than for linear-ins of different AC’97 codecs. They should take at least Audigy card with WDM extiyy. You should realize that with the above requirements the drivers and programs will just be successfully installed and can be used. Updating drivers in Windows XP no longer requires a system restart.


However, behind the codecs are buffer operational amplifiers which adjust a signal with a load and protects the codec from overload, and different discrete elements, including feed-through electrolytic capacitors. BioShock Infinite and Metro: For our testing we extgy an average-level desktop system: The measurements were carried out under the Windows ME. The most ridiculous thing is that there is one AC’97 codec on the Audigy card. The package will update the following: Comfortable operation extigu the Extigy needs a twice powerful configuration.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy Specs – CNET

This is a basic mode for any sound card. Creative Remote Center controls the Extigy with a remote control.

The Extigy makes some attempts, but the outcome is terrible with the current drivers.