To Disable the Firewall. These directions apply to both. Before you install a simple-swap SATA hard disk drive, read the following information:. Once registered, select the Online Update tab to perform the software update. Wait a minute, i’m downloading from server the xml and the functional menu. Click the star and let me know why.

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Perform an Online Software Update to update the operating system files. Non-RAID mode is currently supported.

If this server is networked outside of your local intranet, be sure to re-enable the firewall after downloading software to PXE clients.

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The examples in this procedure use this directory. These procedures assume that you already have a bootable server that is running a version of the SLES 10 operating system. Make a note of the following issues specific to your server:.

Configure the server to always start DHCP. I confirm that SLES11 runs fine. It occurs in precise and quantal, insta,l only on AMD. Virtual disk only supports up to 8TB.


Bug # “Problem when you run a SLES10 in QEMU/KVM” : Bugs : qemu-kvm package : Ubuntu

Note – Refer to the neopxe. From a terminal window please run: Slot 0 indicates hard disk drive 0. During the ssta process, press the F2 key when prompted and navigate to the Boot Device Priority screen to set the internal CF card as the primary boot device. Tags for this Thread installnvidiasata.

It is possible that there have been updates to the SLES 10 software. These directions apply to both.

Installing a simple-swap hard disk drive

Can you post your grub. Drive 0 indicates hard disk drive 0. Comment on this change optional. Last modification on Thu May 10 Remove the Tools and Drivers CD from the server. Configure the server to always start DHCP. Register with the Novell Customer Center. Refer here for details. Slot 3 indicates hard disk drive 3. Proceed with SLES 10 installation by following the prompts.

Do not release the loops on the drive assembly until it is completely seated. Note – PXE is a powerful sat convenient solution for setting up a number of Sun Fire X servers so their configuration is identical.


In the DHCP configuration file, edit the server-identifier entry:. When you are prompted at the boot: SIA eliminates the need to inventory your system hardware, search out and download Sun-supported drivers, and create a driver CD. Install the neopxe boot server daemon onto your system that is your Sled10 server.

Windows SP2 32bit legacy. The installer again displays the dialog “Please choose the Driver Update medium”.