Database Returns the default enforce foreign-keys policy. ColumnBuilder – Class in com. Database Gets currently configured TimeZone always non- null. DatabaseBuilder Sets the Charset to use, if null , uses default. RowId special row number representing an invalid row number invalidate – Method in class com. RowState, RowId – Static method in class com.

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IndexData Whether or not null values are actually recorded in the index. ColumnBuilder Creates a new Column with the currently configured attributes. TableBuilder String – Constructor for class com. Type, boolean, ByteOrder – Static method in class com. Database Gets currently foreign-key enforcement policy.

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Read the Upgrade Guide for full details. CodecType – Enum in com. Javadox Java Articles Maven Dependency. IndexData Whether jackcees not index entries must be unique.

As of the 1. CursorBuilder Sets the starting and ending row for a range based index cursor to the given entry where the given values correspond to the index’s columns.


ByteUtil Writes a sequence of hexidecimal values into the given buffer, where every two characters represent one byte value. Database system property which can be used to set the default sort order for table columns. Position Returns the unique RowId of the position of the cursor. MultiValueColumnInfo – Class in com.

TableBuilder Creates a new Table in the given Database with the currently configured attributes. ColumnOrder – Enum in com.

DatabaseBuilder – Constructor for class com. ImportUtil Copy a delimited text file into a new table in this database.

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Why am I getting an IOException with the message “unmapped string index value”? If you find what looks like a bug, please report it. It is not an application.

ComplexValueForeignKey – Class in com. DebugErrorHandler – Class in com. And, since Jackcess is heavily unit tested, you can find even more example code in the unit tests. Type – Static method in class com. ComplexDataType Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, inthe order they are declared. DebugErrorHandler Object – Constructor for class com. Sign up using Email and Password. Table Reads a single column from the given row. ByteUtil Swaps the 4 bytes changes endianness of the bytes at the given offset.


TempPageHolder Sets the current page number and returns that page setPrecision byte – Method in class com.

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Post as a guest Name. Cursor Resets this cursor for forward traversal sets cursor to before the first row. Column Meaningless placeholder object for jakcess rows which indicates that a given column should keep its existing value. Database Close the database file and any linked databases close – Method in class com.

Cursor Moves to the previous row as defined by this cursor.