In such cases, the target OS may not be correctly reflected in the pull-down menu. You can use Application to have data scanned with the date and time, page numbers or a stamp added. Only NTLMv2 is supported. Tap [Application] to select [Original Type], then select an option according to quality of the original to be scanned. Write down the following items.

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Enter the ID of a user authorized to access the shared folder on the destination computer.

Scanner: Using Scan to SMB with Windows Shared Folder

For a frequently used group, specify the index characters and select [Favorites] at the same time. Can I use the scanning function by connecting to the network with a USB cable? Check that the SMB server has been registered. September 17th, Category: Can I check the transmission log for scanning? Register this machine in the exception setting for firewall. Concerning target drivers, etc.

Notification minplta end of support products As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products. Enter the name and description of the firewall and click [Finish].


Can I send scanned data by E-mail? This I discovered by using WireShark and capturing the packets.

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

Specifies file path of the shared folder in the destination SMB server. If the problem cannot be solved even after checking for the above points, contact your administrator. On the touch panel of the main body, konicq [SCAN].

Checking the SMB server setting The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server shared folder to the machine. It is possible to send a large ,onica of scan data from the machine to the shared folder created on the Windows computer supporting SMB protocol on the network.

Item Specifications When using the address book. When entering the host name, check that the DNS settings are correct beforehand. You can share data easily without configuring a full-scale FTP server.

In order for it to pass authentication to the share, it appends the username with the Workgroup from the Print Settings minilta. The Advanced Sharing window is displayed.

The back of the original can be seen through. What types of file formats are available for scanned images? Then type in the password for the user account, and click OK.


For a frequently used destination, specify the index characters and select [Favorites] at the same time. Yes, you can set a file format and color mode. I have put this post together to help others who may run into this. Simply specify an E-mail address for the destination, and you can send the data as an attachment.

Enter the registration name for the group destination. You can register frequently used destinations in koniica address book. You can either set the resolution granularity when the original is scanned or specify the image quality according to the quality of the original.

To do so, use the SMB Send function that can send scanned data to a location on the specified computer. Operation procedure Load the original. You can use Application to have data acanner with the date and time, page numbers or a stamp added.

You can sort destinations by registration name.