The version, presented at Cartes in Paris, contains [ Before installing the ink cassette into this unit, load the ink ribbon in the ink cassette. Turn the ivory roller to eliminate any slack. Place the rear of the ink cassette along the guides that are provided inside the unit. Select a place that is free of dust when loading the ink ribbon. When the unit is overheated, this indicator blinks.

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Personalisation by thermal tran sf e r printing or dye sublimation printing i s p ossible in excellent [ When the unit is overheated, this indicator blinks.

Mitsubishi CK9069 CP9600DW 9×6 Media Kit

In such a case, unplug the power cord printed the source outlet immediately, and request maintenance service from the sales dealer. According to model and design, plastic cards are [ The proven roll-type technology and a special coating on the thermal head ensure high reliability and durability Mitsunishi After the ongoing printing at the time this button is pressed is completed, the printing process is canceled. NOTE Install the print paper into the unit slowly.

The electro-magnetic susceptibility has been chosen at a level that gains proper operation in residential areas, on business and light industrial premises and on small-scale enterprises, inside as well as outside of the buildings.


These include the CPDW pginter. Dirt on the roller may degrade the print quality.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Die Kombination von kontaktbasiertem und. The version, presented at Cartes in Paris, contains [ With the CP -D 2 E dye sublimation printer y o u can print [ In external stock 9. Installation of the print paper and the ink ribbon is completed. D er Druck erfol gt mittel s Thermosublimationsdruck d irekt [ Do not touch the print paper.

Notify when in stock. Die Ausnahme von dieser [ Whereas others are still only talking about environmentally friendly instant printing, [ NOTE This printer is about 17 kg in weight. OTHERS Coat flaking and deformation are likely to occur if the unit is wiped with chemical dusters, benzine, thinner or any other solvent, if rubber or PVC items are left in contact with the unit for extended duration, or if the unit is sprayed with insecticide. You helped to increase the quality of our service.

Place the rear of the ink cassette along the guides that are provided inside the unit.


Color photo printer Mitsubishi CPDW-S, CPDW-S

Cp960d0w sure to pull the cardboard straight up. Handle it with care. Make sure to load it in the correct position. The encoding is such that: Phone Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. Push down the ink cassette as shown by the arrow 1 and pull it out. Make sure that the power is turned on before opening the door. Is the print paper or the ink ribbon used up?

The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. Use of roll paper shortens the time for installing and removing. If there are any discrepancies between the product headline, description and picture, the correct information will be in the product headline i. All places of operation are characterised by their connection to the public low voltage power supply system.